About Karigraphy

Karigraphy is a professional calligraphy service offered by Karen Nordstrom Roberts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

My previous work experience was in the fields of marketing, public relations, and non-profit fundraising for an advertising agency, travel association, public broadcasting station, and a regional musical theater.  I was always drawn to type styles and the graphic design aspect of my work.  I sought out classes from the best calligrapher I could find.  That was more than 19 years ago and I never stopped being a student of the calligraphic arts.

Now, I gladly share the skills I’ve developed with clients looking for a personalized project or brides who want to make a unique statement about their wedding from the moment the invited guests open their mailboxes to find an invitation that is out of the ordnary.

I’ve gained experience through the following associations as well:

IAMPETH, Int’l. Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting
Calligraphy Guild of  Pittsburgh
Washington Calligrapher’s Guild
International Lettering Conference, participant
OSHER, University of Pittsburgh, instructor
Community College of Beaver County, instructor